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Patent Specialist Apprenticeship Program
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The Patent Specialists training program has been developed to provide workers
who can function as conduits to assist in protecting (such as via patenting) and
commercializing (such as via licensing) innovative research and technical
developments by applying patent and intellectual property related assistance to a
diverse group of innovators (ranging from biomedical researchers to multimedia
simulation software developers) to help capture, document, and transfer/exchange
technical and business information about intellectual property developments.

The Patent Guild is working to implement a training program to train Patent Specialists
(aka Patent Paralegals) that will be able to provide Intellectual Property related
administrative support similar to how general Paralegals provide administrative support in
the legal field. We feel developing a Corp (or Guild) of Patent Specialists will dramatically
reduce IP costs and simultaneously increase the number of businesses that can cost
effectively and strategically leverage their IP developments.

After initial training, local Patent professionals (such as Patent Attorneys and Patent
Agents) will provide guidance and mentorship to the Patent Specialist Apprentices (via a
formal Apprenticeship Program) as they work with your organization and/or your client
organizations. As Patent Specialist Apprentices the students will be trained to provide
substantive IP administration related assistance and to function as intermediaries
between inventors/business/universities/etc and licensed patent professionals at a
substantial cost saving. Further, the Patent Specialist Apprentices and Certified Patent
Specialist can work with inventors/business/universities/etc to handle IP administrative
needs either permanently as “in-house” support or temporarily as needed. Prior to
working with clients, the Patent Specialist Apprentices will be well educated on various IP
administrative support topics, documents, and procedures so that they serve as a
reliable IP assistance resource.

The Apprenticeship portion is being conducted under the guidance of the Florida
Department of Education's Apprenticeship Section and will also comply with
Apprenticeship requirements of the Federal Department of Labor.
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